Gurchetan Singh on Under The Sink

Under the Sink …well where I can start? A long, long, long, time ago….Cre8 contacted me to do some volunteer work. It was an editing job which they said would take about two to three weeks, “Great’’ I said ‘’it was an opportunity for me to learn Final Cut Pro,’’ as I wanted to get my grubby hands on all editing packages.

I remember first meeting David in the lobby, where I remember a slight uncomfortable smirk on his face when he saw me.  I imagine he was thinking: “shit, I asked for an editor, not a taxi driver.”  But all stereotypes were soon left outside the town hall door, as that was where I had parked my taxi.

When I saw Under The Sink, I was still naively hoping two to three weeks…no problem…  But this was soon dispelled after David opened his big mouth, and made some obscure sounds which sounded like ideas.  If he was wasn’t creative or a perfectionist, I think two to three weeks would have done it.  

So…….one year down the line, and I find myself still sitting in that same seat, blurry eyed and dazed by pixels and rendering… I look over my shoulder…..a hairy Dutchman reads The Guardian, his face has become too familiar, he turns the pages whilst making duck like yelps.

What had happened?
Where had I gone wrong?
Didn’t I say “no, I haven’t got time?”

The seasons passed through a succession of heaters and fans, baguettes, sandwiches and occasionally some cheese, but still no curry.  David would occasionally ask me out dancing - which I would subtlety decline by making such an excuse as; “my dog eat my homework!”

BUT - what an experience!  

The stuff I learnt was absolutely priceless.  For instance, knowing how to cut humour; where if cut another way, it just wouldn’t work.  It’s all in the ‘timing.’

Working with somebody was also great, as although we have a similar taste in movies, we view things very differently - but would always came to an understanding.   This was also the first time that I had the opportunity to cut to music, which was great, as it was all relevant in being able to accentuate the comedy.  Many ideas came to me in those endless days, which I have used either consciously or unconsciously in the films I have made and edited since.  

Now I nearly always cut to the beat, or an instrument, or a sound.

And now, having been emotionally scarred by Marx’s maledictions, I look back and wonder what happened during that murky year.  

Have we matured?
What did we learn?
Have we become better people?
But all that springs to mind is simply…“Bastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrd.”