Gurchetan first became interested in film during his last year of University, where he was astounded by the amount of expression and freedom that was involved in the physical film making process and how much more could be done in the subsequent edit.

After leaving University in 2001 he made contact with his local media agency - Cre8 Studios in Swindon, Wiltshire. Through them he was able to make his first 30 min documentary on the Sikhs in Swindon which after completion was distributed internationally as an educational video.
In 2002 at the age of 21 he won a commission for HTV to make a 10 min documentary on Body Hair where he learned a great deal through working with a professional documentary film making crew.

During this time he started to develop a short film idea - Ned Warking, a fictional documentary about a man who finds it hard to cope with life after his death. In this development stage he also tovolunteered as an editor on David Marx’s film ‘Under the Sink’, Learning the finer points of Final Cut Pro in the process.  Ned Warking was completed in June 2003. The film went on to to win ‘Best Screenplay’ at the Portobello Film Festival.
After this period Gurchetan started to work as a freelance Director and Editor. He directed some sequences for a  CH4 documentary and worked closely with Cre8 to produce 8 separate educational documentary projects.  

 In 2004 Gurchetan came up with the idea for a short, to be shot on Super 16mm film - Man Out Of Time.  Inspired by Chris Cunningham’s ‘Windowlicker’ video and the films of Orson Welles. He co-wrote the script with his principal actor David Marx.  He wanted the film to be more than a comical homage but rather a strange and obscure experiment between sound and Vision. The noir films really appealed to Gurchetan as he loved the idea of the camera being alive in its own right, where it would encompass hidden meanings though lighting and composition. He is currently working through Cre8 on one of the film councils ‘first light’ projects and is also writing his first feature script. The Farm.