Floria Wright on Under The Sink

Sanity has only one face, whereas insanity has many faces. All these faces
can be seen in the film
Under the Sink. One can only conclude that David's
mum gave birth to all her children without the aid of an umbilical cord.
Thus, finding it very easy to distance herself from the mental turmoil
suffered by her children especially her son (Dayfet).

Trying to communicate with your parents is difficult at the best of times, having to
do it through lip reading and Dutch sigh language is something else. He could have
tried talking to her through the plug hole but it was probably blocked up with
peanut butter!
What adverse affect did this relationship have on a young man whose only
wish was to have a normal upbringing and the occasional clean pair of

What is it really like to live with a deranged woman who at a
moments notice could disguise herself as a phone-box or a ten pence piece
just so she could spy on her boyfriends. A woman who thinks nothing of
sitting in a confined space for hours on end, patiently struggling with a
very complex damp jigsaw puzzle depicting Disney characters. Expecting full
co-operation and approval from Dayfet to carry out her dastardly plans. It
was bound to have an affect on the poor man.
Joe was in a privileged position, he was able to escape!

Back to Ireland.
Not so for Dayfet - how do you run away from your mum?
The only solution was to spiritually exercise the madness out of ones’
system..........hence the film.

Hope it worked.

I have two Oscars I'd like to present:

Best Actress.................the woman under the sink.
Best prop.....................the periscope.

Floria Wright (an innocent bystander).