Das Glockenspiel
Lester continues to have visions of a machine. Being guided through
these visions by two mysterious characters, he is told that the machine
may control his dreams once used correctly.

When, one day, Lester finds an essential part of the machine - a
Glockenspiel - in his flat, his visions continue. He is told that his
brother, Frank, had set-up Lester's old fiancée, Alice, to kill him.
Lester feeling betrayed, kidnap’s Alice, which leads to a big
shootout between Lester and Frank, in which Lester dies.

The film ends with Lester shooting Frank, which puts the previous
action in a different dimension - what made Lester kill his own

The concept of the film is to show different events contained in one.
Redefined, these events are layers/levels of consciousness of Lester,
i.e. either his reality, visions, memories or dreams.

2006 (c) t.c. triad productions

Johannes Conrad

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