ARP - Synopsis by Daniel Parkes
Fred Baxter is a young Air Raid Precautions warden evacuating a residential area during a midday air raid in Brighton, on Friday the 20th September, 1940. As an actual date in history in which the south-east coast of Britain was heavily bombed, resulting in many local casualties, this exciting dramatisation of that day’s events reveals that Baxter must also face an unexpected challenge to his unpopular choice to work on the home front rather than fight on the front line.

Inspired by true events, this short film is based on the experiences of the director’s grandfather, William ‘Fred’ Parkes, a conscientious objector who performed ARP civilian duties during World War Two.

Made by Brighton Film School students as their final term three project, it was shot entirely on 35mm over just two days (one day exterior, one day interior) and post-production completed on the 20th September 2006 –incidentally the same date the event portrayed in the film took place in 1940.

Executive Producer: Franz von Habsburg
Writer/Director/Producer: Daniel Parkes
Cast: Tom Jacobs, Brinley Powell, Rob Oldfield, Jo Mulvey and David Marx

View a sample and buy a copy - http://www.parkesproductions.com/
The comprehensive DVD includes:
► Full length film version with
    ■ Crew commentary
    ■ Historical commentary
    ■ English subtitles
    ■ Japanese subtitles
► Animated menus
► Dolby Digital sound
Extras include
► 40 minute special Making of documentary with
       English and Japanese subtitle options
► Pre-production ‘Pre-viz’ (storyboards)
► Comprehensive production galleries
► Cast and crew biographies
► Five minute festival version
► Uncut 35mm rushes
► Official Trailer
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The Imperial War Museum's film festival winners have been announced, and A.R.P. is listed as no.2 under "The Best Imaginative Respose to the Subject of War" award, so although not the no.1 winner, it s still good placement. You can check the awards list at:

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Just some latest information on A.R.P. -it has now been officially included in the IMDB database (being presently updated) and also has appeared on the Clermont-Ferrant Short Film Festival site. Here is a list of links:

Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

Also there are biographies and photos (!) of
Franz von Habsburg:
Daniel Parkes:

Previous films also on IMDB: Peerless (
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0948459/ ) and A.T.M. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0910829/)

Clermont-Ferrant Short Film Festival: